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Published May 4, 2016

Hey all just wanted to drop by and say we have decided after testing with multiple communication softwares, that we are better off as a guild switching to Teamspeak. It can be downloaded here. Ventrillo is an old, outdated software with poor audio quality, and was quickly becoming a pain in raids and other events when we had multiple people talking or lag between voice was hurtful. After testing out other things, we decided the ease and quality of Teamspeak far outweighed the others, and it would be the best match for us. I hope to see you all on there soon!

Teamspeak Server:

Super Proud

[KM] Barythunir a posted Feb 25, 16

I just want to say I am proud of all of us and where we are going! In such a short time, we have come so far, we've grown together, and now we're getting things done! We've learned to work together, to communicate, to move, how to understand mechanics, everything! We gained new members who are awesome and we're lucky to have them.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or other feedback, let an officer know in game or by message/posting in the category in the forums!

Officer list: [GM] Yessira, [KM] Squizy, [KM] Barythunir, [C] Azaliea, [C] Dotty, [C] Moon

Want to join our core raid group? Get with Barythunir and we will talk about it and see what we can do!

We raid Wednesdays and Fridays, with Fridays being our main progression night! I can't wait to see you all in game, so we can slay some monsters!

[C] Moonfasa Warm&Fuzzy/10

Congratulations everybody! As a guild, we have cleared BRF on Normal! I just wanted to stop by and say that I am super proud of everyone and how we are doing! We will be beginning Heroic BRF on Wednesday!

[KM] Barythunir a And don't forget, we will still occasionally run N BRF for our lower ilvl members!
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